Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bye Bye Papa!

Papa B just visited us, and he had to return home yesterday. We all had a great time together hiking, playing, and just hanging out together. I believe the kids had an especially good time while Papa was here. They were already asking where Papa was and when we'd see him again hours after he left! Everybody had fun, and we're looking forward to seeing each other again this summer. While he was here, Papa helped me get started on a toy shelf for the kids. We got some new tools, and I've started joining boards together for the shelves. We planned the shelf unit together, and I'm eager to see everything come together.

My new toy (a plane joiner) and the first shelf are below.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Cruising Along

No posts for a while...sorry. The motorcycle is fixed, and I've been riding it as my primary means of transportation. It feels pretty good to pull up next to a SUV at the gas station, fill up my vehicle for under $10 (even with $4/gallon prices), and drive away, all while the SUV driver is still pumping one tank of gas.

Otherwise, things have been rolling along. We had a couple of very nice dinners with friends recently, I've learned a lot about water heaters (no, my old water heater is still working, thank you), and we will be getting a visit from Papa in a couple of days. We've been busy, and it's been good.