Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Picture

I found this picture a while ago, and I just stumbled across it while editing photos for the last post. It amuses me, since I work on both sides of cancer...causing and curing...

Setting up Shop

I've been getting interested in woodworking lately, and for Christmas this year, my parents got me a table saw. This one tool has really opened up the possibilities of woodworking projects that I can now tackle.

I started with a small project, camp chairs. I wanted some folding camp chairs that the family could take camping that were more than simple folding chairs. I found a plan for wooden camp chairs online, and I modified it by removing all the curves, making the chairs simpler. I ripped 2x4's into the appropriate sizes, and whacked out several chairs in a couple of nights. I stained the grownups' chairs a light pine, and the kids decided that they wanted bright red chairs.

Here's a couple of shots of one of the larger chairs; the chair set up, and the chair folded. It folds by sliding the seat out of the back frame, and reinserting it in between the back supports. It is actually quite comfortable to sit in. The kids' chairs are the same, but about 60% of the size.

After my last project, I added a dust collector to the table saw. Ripping several 2x4's without it filled my garage with pine wood dust. It was everywhere and on every surface. Since the laundry is in the garage, too, I need to control the dust. I tried using my shop vac, but it doesn't have the suction to handle the volume of dust a table saw creates. It does just fine with my hand tools, like a belt sander, but for a table saw, much more air flow is needed. I bought a small portable dust collector (~900 CFM suction), built a hood under my table saw out of scrap wood and a piece of 4" flashing, and I connected the dust collector with a section of flexible 4" Al dryer hose. That takes care of about 90% of the table saw dust. The rest I can deal with using the shop vac.

I'm looking forward to tackling more complex projects in the future.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to Update the Blog

I've been negligent about keeping the blog up to date. Things have just diverted my attention away from this; that's a good thing, I believe. Now it's time for some new posts.

I've got a new hobby, woodworking, and it's slowly taking over my garage. For now, I'll just leave a reference to a woodworking website that I've found quite interesting; good shop tips, practical plans. Woodworking for Engineers